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"Credit Empowerment" This book is a must read !!

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This book is for everyone including those with good credit that want to improve their score even more as well as those who are looking to repair and or build their credit profile.

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We will educate and empower you with the knowledge on everything you need to know about credit. The contents of this book will teach you not only on how to build and restore your own credit, but how to retain good credit for the rest of your life for just $19.99. Believe me, the contents of this book are both educationally and profoundly deep. This book is a game changer! After you read this book your perspective on credit will be life changing. It will propel you to change your credit story and that will change your life!

Here are some of the key topics covered:

  • What is credit and how has it evolved?
  • The do’s and don’ts of credit
  • How your credit got so bad, so fast!
  • The key elements to achieving and retaining good credit
  • Using your credit as buying power leverage
  • How to repair your credit if you feel comfortable talking to and writing the bureaus
  • Why your credit score is not higher
  • There is always room for improvement
  • What you personally can do to improve your score
  • Things you don’t know about your credit score that credit repair companies do not tell you
  • The evolution of the FICO SCORE
  • How the FICO Score is calculated
  • The evolution of the three major credit bureaus
  • The corruption of the three credit bureaus
  • The evolution of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • What small things you can do to improve your score within 60 to 120 days
  • How and what bills to pay to improve your score drastically within months
  • What to watch for when applying for credit cards
  • What you should know about your credit score before buying a house or car shopping
  • How the banks, credit card companies, and the credit bureaus are all in cahoots
  • What you need to know about different types of credit and how it affects your FICO score