Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


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How do I get started? Right away. Give us a call for a free consultation or go online and sign up. Someone will contact you for a free consultation.

Can my credit be repaired? Yes, it depends on your negative items and if they are legitimate or not. But, it is possible. But it takes a credit expert to evaluate your situation and determine if the negative can be disputed and removed from your report. If is legitimate, we can negotiate with the creditors to help settle the debt to get your score increased. What you don't know about credit and how to approach the situation is what hurt you.

What is the cost of credit repair? Our initial cost is $69.99 and $49.99 every month thereafter until we satisfy your credit score goal.

What is Included? We write letters to creditors, check reports for inaccuracies, dispute negative items with creditors, negotiate payment arraignments, negotiate settlements with creditors, negotiate lower payments, make sure disputed items are remove from report, Have inquiries removed and whatever else we need to do to increase your score.

When will I see Results? Please keep in mind that everything has a process. However, you should start seeing results in about sixty days. We have to give the three credit bureaus the opportunity to do their due diligence. The bureaus have thirty days in which to respond with an answer from the creditor.

Do pulling my report hurt my score? No, requesting your own report does not affect your score. This is why we have you pull the report.

How do I get my report to you? We obtain permission from you to download your report to our secured portal as well as providing us with permission to obtain your login information for all three bureaus.

Why do I need to pull a report for all three bureaus? Because each has its own scoring criteria and we need to compare for inaccuracies and discrepancies. We also need to make sure that the information each bureau has is consistent with one another.

How many items do you dispute at a time? It depends on the complexity of the negative items that are being disputed. However we try to do all dispute all of them in the first thirty days is possible to get your score raised immediately.

How long does the credit repair process last? Each situation is unique, but the average credit repair process is four to six months. The duration of the dispute process depends on the number of items disputed, the complexity of the dispute, and the responsiveness of the bureaus and the creditors. We can give a better assessment of how long it takes after a review of your credit reports.

Do we offer a guarantee? Yes, we offer a guarantee that we can get your score raised and some of the items removed but we cannot predict specific outcomes. Everything is based on the facts we are presented with from all parties involved. That is why we offer a free consultation because at that point, we can determine if we can help with your credit situation.

Can we help with outstanding debt? No, but we can and will negotiate a payment plan for you with the creditors as instructed to do so by you. However, you must repay debt as agreed to start seeing positive results on your credit reports.

Can I stop the credit repair process at any time? Yes, you have right to cancel in writing at any time you are not satisfied with our service.

Do you share my personal information with anyone? Absolutely not. See our privacy policy for more details.