Earn while you learn!

We took advantage of the mentoring and credit repair services at Early Start and now we are credit empowerment ministers of Early Start.


Educational Services

Let EARLY START CREDIT SERVICES stop you from getting TRAPPED by credit card opportunists. Apply for a card today and let us hold your hand through your credit card novice years. We offer a credit mentoring service to all college bound students and students abroad. Our goal is to educate our card holders on how to build a lifetime of healthy credit to create a wealth of financial success. Start building your credit today for just $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

What we Offer:

  • Credit mentorship
  • We offer career building services
  • We reward you for good grades. We give cash incentives for grades. $30 for an A, $20 for a B
  • Assist with any FAQ regarding your credit
  • Assist with building credit profile
  • Assist with any questions regarding your credit card purchases
  • Assist with FAQ's regarding Auto Insurance and Auto Purchases
  • Assist with FAQ's with home buying and FHA Loans

Referrals are the Life Line of our Business! Please refer a friend

$20 per Credit Repair referral
$10 per Mentoring referral

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